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“Lilac and cherry blossoms 🌸 1940s pale lilac dream dress and bow hat (which makes me feel like I have extra ears or propellers)🕊💜”
“One of my absolute most beloved vintage dresses. It’s a late 1930s cornflower blue dress with white embroideries and pockets! When I got this dress a few years ago, it had 1930s flutter sleeves, but I gathered them and hid the seam with a pearlescent button. I also replaced the damaged fabric belt buckle with this 1910s mother of pearl one. ✨ I have absolutely zero sewing skills so this just involved a few stitches. I never do alterations that are not reversible, and with this dress I feel like I’ve made it better. It’s a complete dream of a dress and the fit is absolutely amazing!”
“Cycle of vintage 🕊 Saw this Marie Antoinette-esque late 1930s dress on Etsy a couple of years ago, regretted not buying it (thought it would be too short), then I saw it on Instagram for sale a year or so later, but was too slow to get it. Thought it was forever lost, but then it suddenly was offered to me in a trade after a while 🎀 It obviously just wanted to live with my wardrobe!✨Will be wearing it for the vintage fair on sunday! ✨ (Not for sale!) .”

Ida Catherine is one of my favourite vintage enthusiast’s who is active under the Instagram personae @idacath.

“I’ve always been obsessed with the aesthetics of the past. I long for dreamy, fantastical universes of ballet and pastels and try to recreate these in my personal style. I dress in the late 1930s- early 1940s clothing, preferably teenage swing styles. I have extensive knowledge of vintage clothing and styles from different time periods, but I have chosen not to dress historically accurate. Instead, I incorporate influences from movies, art, and ballet to express my personal style, although my wardrobe is exactly dated between 1937 and 1943.”

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